Hunger Relief Program
Garden Harvest grows food on its farms to feed hundreds of thousands of hungry families around the world. We also glean neighboring farms adding many tons of much needed food. And lastly we receive donations of fresh foods from market and other grocery stores. Help our Hunger Relief Program. Read more

St. Croix Ewes600x600opt5.pgFarm Animal Rescue
We integrate heritage farm animals that are on the verge of extinction into our farm ecosystem; they are kept on our farms to produce food and for future generations to enjoy. Support Garden Harvest by adopting an endangered animal. Read more

Environmental Protection.
We practice and teach methods of organic farming to eliminate the number one hazard to the environment – conventional farming. We also recycle everything and we make sure as much as possible that nothing goes to waste. We are committed to saving the resources of the Earth.

Indian man in field of cabbage2Education and Job Training
We teach volunteers and the local poor on our Garden Harvest farms ways to conserve the resources of the Earth. Our volunteers that show an interest are offered job training that can pay a livable wage. We give the poor a chance to become self-sufficient.

International Disaster Relief
We install wells in impoverished villages to provide potable water for improved health and sanitation. Where practical we donate cows, goats, chickens, and ducks to individuals and to villages as a whole. We also donate fruit trees, fruit and vegetable seeds, and bee hives.

El Salvador mother and childChild Sponsorships
We offer sponsorships for those who want to care for a child in a third world country who is in the most difficult of situations. Garden Harvest is unique in that 90% of the donation goes directly to the mother of the child sponsored. Sponsor a child. Read more