Volunteers Ending Hunger
We are a grassroots, volunteer organization: Founded and created by a volunteer, and assisted by thousands of volunteers from all walks of life – drawn together and united by the common goal to eliminate hunger, protect the Earth, and reduce poverty worldwide.

Our Methods:
  • We produce organic foods on our farms to feed people in great need.
  • We teach interns our methods of organic farming and animal integration to provide both a holistic approach and also a model that can be replicated,
  • We teach highly marketable job skills so people can obtain jobs that pay a livable wage.
  • We donate farm animals & farm infrastructure to give people in rural areas of the world the opportunity to take care of their own family's needs and become Earth friendly members of their communities.
Did you know.......

Nearly 1 billion people will go to bed hungry tonight.

This is according to the U.S. Agency for International Development. And 200 million of them will be children. Lack of vitamins and nutrients, especially in a child’s first year, can affect brain growth and intelligence.


There are critically endangered Farm Animals: 

Within the past 15 years, 190 breeds of farm animals have become extinct....and there are currently 1500 more at risk of becoming extinct. In just the past FIVE yars, 60 breeds of cattle, goats, pigs, horses, and poultry have become extinct.

Hunger is not just a distribution problem:

 According to Robert Conte, author of Hunger Math, while from a pure calorie count, there are enough calories to support the lives of the world's current population, too many of those calories are in the form of carbohydrates, and too few in protein and healthy fats to meet minimal nutritional needs of the world's population, even if all foods produced were distributed perfectly. See more on HUNGER MATH..... 

How We Are Unique

Garden Harvest is a Volunteer Organization:

Our top executive is a full time volunteer assisted by thousands of other volunteers inspired and united to work for the Cause. No big salaries or wages here - and no funds spent on fund-raising or marketing campaigns.... read more »

Our Farms produce Organic Foods for the hungry:

We nurture the environment and the people we serve by producing foods without poisonous chemicals. All fertilizer, weed control, disease control are performed according to organic standards...

Our Farm animals are NOT raised for meat;

They are raised and nurtured by us in order to produce organic foods for the hungry: They either produce food directly - as in milk & eggs, OR they perform work that helps us produce crops - as in weed control, mowing, tilling, plowing, insect control. Every animal has an important job....

What's New at Garden Harvest:

 The Greenhouse Program/ Winter Harvest Program: We finished installing the Giant (40 ft. x 120 ft.) Greenhouse that will be used for for winter organic food production...read more »
The Saving of Heritage Farm Animals from Extinction: Garden Harvest will soon be offering adoptions of rare and endangered species of farm animals, both to provide more milk. eggs & organic produce for the hungry and also to save these species from extinction. read more »
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